In today’s society, many young students between the ages of 10-16 are not aware of the people who came after slavery who were the Indian Indentured Labourers. This website is designed attract the younger audience as well as older individuals so they can come into a world which occurred after slavery in the Caribbean. Many young people are not aware of how great an impact the Indian Immigrants where on the people of the Caribbean in particular those in Trinidad. These individuals brought their world to ours and that rich culture is truly alive amongst the majority of the Indian population in Trinidad. Students will gain knowledge on how many immigrants came into the Caribbean in particular Trinidad, the contributions in which they made to Trinidad such as religion, food, dress, customs and beliefs as well as how these contributions still exists in Trinidad’s society. The ultimate goal is to ensure that young students as well as older individuals gain insight on those who occupied the Caribbean territory after slavery was abolished as well as the site will allow students to appreciate the culture and new lifestyle in which the Indians brought to their diverse country of Trinidad and Tobago. I invite all to sit, relax and enjoy this journey which will take way back to 1845 and bring you towards 2014!

Indentured Labourers 20

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