The indentured labourers who came to Trinidad brought with them their own Indian cuisine, complete with traditional seasonings and ways of cooking most important of their spices were the curries. Foods such as sada, dosti, paratha, and dhalpourie roti, baigan, Ghee, chokas, dhal, khurma, peera, ladoo, Goolab Jamoon, Jellaby and Goolgoolah are some of the food which were brought by the East Indians. The Indians also brought to the Caribbean cooking utensils such as Tawah, Belna, Chauki, Dabila, Puchara, Chulah, Pukni, Chimta, Karahi, Sup, Saphee, Dhall-ghotni, Okhri, Musar, Sil, Lorha and Jharu.



Pictures of Indian Cooking Utensils


Belna and Chuaki


Sub Page – Dress

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