The East Indians kept their language alive on the sugar plantations as they did not know the English language. The Indians who came to the plantations spoke different languages such as spoke Urdu, Tamil and the most popular, Hindi. However, with these languages being relatively similar the Indians were able to communicate with each other and as some of the immigrants such as the Brahmins were literate and they wrote in the Hindi language which is known as Sanskrit. Below is a video on how to spell and the pronunciation of popular Hindi words as well as there is a list of words in relation to family and there meaning.


People from Father’s side

Bahut Ajah – One’s father’s father’s Father

Bahut Dadi – One’s father’s father’s Mother

Dada – One’s father’s father

Dadi – One’s father’s mother

Papa (Pitahji) – One’s father

Chacha – One’s father’s younger brother

Chachi – One’s father’s younger brother’s wife

Taya (Bade Papa) – One’s father’s elder brother

Tai (Badi Ma) – One’s father’s elder brother’s wife

Bua or Phuphi – One’s father’s sister

Phupha – One’s father’s sister’s husband

People from Mother’s side

Per Nana – One’s Mother’s Father’s Father

Per Nani – One’s Mother’s Father’s Mother

Nana – One’s Mother’s father

Nani – One’s Mother’s Mother

Ma – One’s mother

Mausi – One’s mother’s Sister

Mausa – One’s mother’s Sister’s husband

Mama – One’s mother’s brother

Mami – One’s mother’s brother’s wife


Bhai – One’s parent’s (share at least one parent) Son (your Brother, male sibling)[1]

Behan – One’s parent’s (share at least one parent) daughter (your Sister, female sibling)

Brother’s Family

Bhabhi – Brother’s Wife (usually applied for an elder brother’s wife)

Bhatija – One’s Brother’s Son

Bhatiji – One’s Brother’s Daughter

Sister’s Family

Jija – Sister’s Husband (usually applied if the sister is elder then you)

Bhanja – One’s Sister’s Son

Bhanji – One’s Sister’s Daughter

Your Family

Main – First form (‘I’)

Patni – One’s wife[2]

Pati -One’s Husband

Beta – One’s Son

Beti – One’s Daughter

Sub Page – Food

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