Indians Today In Trinidad

Indentured Labourers 27

The Indian presence in Trinidad is very much present as according to Trinidad and Tobago demographic website in 2013, 40% of Trinidad’s population is made up of Indians. With the Indians being a part of Trinidad’s rich history, government allocated a public holiday on May 30th in remembrance of the people who came after slavery.

When Indentureship ended in 1917 and the years progressed Indians became more modernized. What this meant is that some men, women and children developed away from the typical Indian way of life when it came to work and education. Secondly, religion, food and festivals are now maintained and developed as well as some customs, beliefs, language and dress have changed and not for the better. All in all Indian presence and influence is indeed a part of Trinidad’s culture and the pages that follow will give you, the reader, an idea of religion, customs and beliefs, education, festivals, food and language in 2014. Keep on reading for more details!

Sub Page – Religion

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